Anyone know how to unpair, un sync a sixaxis from PS3?

can anyone give me a instruction of how to unpairing a sixaxis from its currently PS3 without plugging it into another PS3?

my apartment is the only people I know that has a ps3, but when ever I use my sixaxis on my computer, it turns on the PS3 after I disconnect the USB cable.
and I really really, don’t want that to happen

also, I realized that if I shut down the computer with the six axis connecting to it, the sixaxis will shut down (without turning on the PS3)

so is there anyway for my computer to send like a fake command to the sixaxis telling it that the computer is shutting down?:sweat:

tried, it still turns on the ps3 after I unplug the sixaxis… sigh

Plug it into another ps3.

as I stated… I only know one person around my area that owns a ps3… which is my room mate… and it will also be a bit ridiculous if I need to find another ps3 every time after I play some game on his ps3.

Turn off the PS3 from the power switch on the back when you’re using the sixaxis on the PC.

i’ve used my sixaxis on my pc. have you tried removing the controller using the USB removal before unplugging it?

mine has never turned the PS3 on.

Have you tried holding down the reset button while disconnecting from the PC?

I figured that was too obvious I figured maybe someone was using the ps3 while on the pc. I don’t know what so hard about getting off your ass and just turn off the PS3 but I guess it’s just easier to make a thread or write a “fake code” to trick the sixaxis.

hmm, I will try the USB removal method, didn’t think of that, thanks

Goodfella: I thought of that, but I can’t since its not mine

as for Rugedman

I am not too sure where are you getting angry at, I am simply asking a question that I have failed to find the answer on google

Its my friend’s ps3, so he wanted it to be kept in the same setting, so by all means, no switches. I do turn off the console every time I turned it on, but that’s the problem.
because regardless how minimal it may seem, he simply doesn’t like his ps3 been turn on and off constantly. now we are clear… gonna try the usb removal method

ok, update, I am able to solve the problem by disconnecting the sixaxis via usb device removal program
my “safely remove device” program seems to be broken… so I have to get a third party program to do so, but anyway, the usb removal method works, thanks irv_usc

oh … Da Unknown 333… I forgot to mention that my sixaxis is in the stick, so it would be hard for me to reach the reset button while unplugging @_@