Anyone know if this is legit? PS3 dualshock on ebay

$35 shipped. new in sony packaging. too good to be true?|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1309|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

i really want another dualshock3, but i know hong kong sellers are known for knockoffs, but dont usually post sony badges on their knockoffs.

sorry im not sure if this is the correct subforum for this stuff. mods please move if necessary.

i wouldnt buy it unless you have 35 bux you dont need and wanna take a chance…

Coming from Hong Kong? Seller only has 21 feedback? I wouldn’t trust it, but if it did come out to be true PM me lolllllllllll.

lol pm me too… i need a white ds3 in my life :slight_smile:

im close to pulling the trigger. he accepts paypal, so i can demand a refund if its not oem sony right? is there anyway this can backfire on me?

he never mentions it’s sony…


14 day return policy… but how much would it cost to ship it back to HK?

if you want to take a chance go ahead. would be a killer deal to get a white DS3 for that, but… humm…

good call

well at least he claims it to be “100% Original Brand New”

if it’s not i’m sure at least sony might be interested if you reported that guy to them. i know that nintendo has a specific email address for auction piracy so i guess sony might have the same.
so if that ds3 isn’t original the guy’s in for some serious trouble :slight_smile:

of course ur always able to ask for some pictures of the actual product in advance. if it looks like it does in the auction pic then there’s at least two infractions if it’s not original. the name SONY on the controller as well as the /_, X, O, [] button design, which sony might very well be interrested in :slight_smile:

on the other hand if the controller looks and feels like the original u might not even be able to tell the difference and just enjoy paying less ^^

the image he is using has the sony logo stamped all over it, if you get it and its not official complain…

Notice how he calls it “PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless bluetooth SIXAXIS Controller”. He puts DS3 and sixaxis into the same sentence lol.

also notice hes in Hong Kong and English probably isnt his first language, me and my friend had imported our ds3’s a few months before they were announced to come to the uk, the price turned out the same as the sixaxis and turned out to be the same price as the ds3 would come to cost later on, they work fine and its all good!

if you dont order it you will never know and with the image he is displaying you have enough to get your money back if it isn’t official!

or buy one second hand or somthing.

i wouldnt touch it. He mostly been selling iphone cover .

Check out the ‘deals’ on the front page of eBay from time to time. I picked up a refurbed MS wireless 360 controller with charging kit/battery for $35 shipped. I wouldn’t get anything for HK though unless the seller had awesome feedback.