Anyone know if this stick is optical?


yes it has the sanwa clone pcb stick

Edit: here is more info about the stick been optical

okay, thanks. just got this +the black and yellow one .yay!

Damn that’s pretty expensive though…

u bought both of them. I saw those sticks on ebay for months and wanted to pay it but i couldnt spend that much for it. Congrats at least they have both optical clone pcbs from sanwa flash one.

Yeah , i got em . We worked something out on a bid. Should be here soon. Im gonna gut em and keep the PCB’s and pop in some cthulu’s for my cousins…

I saw those on eBay too.
I kept wondering if I want to buy one or not.

Good stuff masturfader.

nice they look cool as well but high price good luck on ur purchase :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Yeah, his asking price was high. I got a deal, and shipping combined for the price
of one. There was someone on here trying to sell me just the PCB with wires cut short for 100$

  • shipping. Figured I’d just pay a bit more ,gut it the right way and gain the enclousures aswell.

Edit: jd… I also found an original green and pink mesball today aswell.

Oh man.
You are serious masturfader?
Congratulations on that man.

That is super cool.
How much was?
You did get?

I wanted to be first to get the Green and Pink.

Expensive. 50$ for both.

I’d buy it.
You know.

I know. I did. LOL.

How about this one?
Playstation 2 PS PS2 Ascii Fighting Stick FT2 Original