Anyone know of any stores in England that are breaking street date?


This is a rather specific question due to location and I couldn’t find anything concerning it, so I figured i’d ask.

Does anyone know of any stores in England that are breaking street date near Birmingham?

I appreciate any help, thanks.


You be opening a can of worms son.


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Tall order in the UK really… only way you’ll get a copy from a retail store early is if you know someone working there.

I’ve seen the odd exception over the years, but it’s usually store employees that don’t have a clue, as the laws on breaking street dates are way harsher here than the US/etc.

Hell, they’ve tried crack down on online sites sending out games early due to them arriving a day or so early sometimes… high street stores have zero chance or desire of openly breaking street date.

Doesn’t mean there won’t be some though (most likely smaller businesses), but in all honesty yer best bet is a preorder from a decent site… the odds on getting it a day early from a preorder are far higher than finding a store (if yer not already connected somehow to one).

Good luck anyway dude :]


chances of getting a game significantly early is pretty slim (unless you are real good freinds with someone at a games store). occasionally you can pick one up at a supermarket maybe a day early, but with that your really just hoping that either the staff have no clue as to release dates, or that they dont care, and neither of those are really common occurences anymore.

theres quite heavy penalties for most game retailers for breaking street date, so most of those wont do it anymore, even if someone else has broken it first. supermarkets usually dont feel any repercussions though since they buy such large amounts of stock.

best way is to cross your fingers and hope you get one early in the post if you pre ordered it really…


You can’t blame me for thinking that a MVC3 related topic would go in the MVC3 forum, it’s a perfectly logical assumption to make, and is in no way deserving of an infraction…

Thankyou, to all the people that were actually helpful though.


i guess its probley to late but im form the UK fella and i get all my games from, they always break street date. If a games out on the street on a friday they will have to you on the wednesday.