Anyone Know Some Strats



cuzz i can’t find any


Nice av mother fucker… Fuckin make your own shit…


It says Dragon Ninja on it. If anything he’s advertising for you. Heh…


I’ve got a strat, don’t pick kyosuke if you want to win :wink:
That’s not very constructive I know, but you don’t see to many successfull kyosuke players which is a real shame cause he has some cool lookin moves in my opinion. Would be nice to see someone kick some ass with him.


I think that his dash is quite good. You can always dash in for a quick poke like crouching forward or a quick normal into cross cutter. His level 3 supers are nice. I posted some strats on him in the topic “Kyosuke does not suck” but I guess that I had trouble making it comprehensible.

Crouching strong seems to be a better close up poke that I earlier though. I could be wrong.

I think that Kyosuke may have not much a chance against well played top-tiers. Nearly all of Kyosuke’s moves are too risky and not effective enough.


CvS2 can not grate anything buddy.