Anyone know them?

anyone know these 2 in person?

<doujinshi> <dreamfire>

they gave me some extra special attention on the internet and helped my game out alot, and id like to thank them.

pm me with location, real name, phone number, tournys attending, anything, id really like to show my appreciation to them

thanks :wink:

hahaha you dont even wanna accept my money matches =(

you really wanna hurt me though huh

It’s absolutely fine to brag about online wins, but losses are irrelevant because they’re “online”.

lol poor guy cant take a loss. so sad lol

I know my self personally, 6111 Randal Ave 835-24, FE Warren AFB 82005

36-37 104th st corona, NY 11368. holla at me. or pussy out.

so much for not taking online serious…maybe you should get some fresh air IRL
but hey thats just me but OH wait im a “whiney tier whore cocksucker” according to you… arent i??

lol why dont you read Sirlin’s Playing To Win before you play better players or even play fighting games in GENERAL…loser :rofl:

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2df is like the e-harmony for 3s players, you didn’t know?!?!

Ya’ll hatin…don’t you know he’s a TOP PLAYER!!!:rolleyes:

nope never heard of them

SaDo you’re losing respect from me by the second dawg…STFU before you lose any sort of credibility…

sees the thread he’s posting in oh wait…

Leave my boys alone man, you need to grow up. I thought you had more sense than that.

watch him show up to ur door and beat the shit out of u guys id laugh =p

you can’t tick throw in real life

What about IRL aegis setups?

might as well show your appreciation to doujinshi’s friends while you’re at it

in other words, step the fuck down kthx

Bullets are already unblockable.


and for the record you aint fuckin old school. you were born in 1987!

and i still have yet to see your “top deejay” place in a tourney


Sado, get your shit together.

word i smack this guy during an ONLINE tournament and he flips out in the chat room sayin idk shit about street fighter or better yet 3s is ALL kaillera, roms, and mame bullshit

lol Sado a TOP PLAYER??? not one top player will complain about tiers ESPECIALLY in 3s

you need to learn more about street fighter yourself before you start talkin shit and takin stuff seriously on the internet (oh yeah i guess you dont like losing to chip damage now would you?)