Anyone know them?

I just wanted to warn everyone in advance that you do NOT want to mess with me, or I will seriously post a thread about it. Yeah. :cool:

he said the same thing in the a2 room. randomdps fucked him up then dude started talkin shit. somewhere along the lines dude is like money match me in any game, anytime or anywhere. so i said fine how about cvs2, st, 3s, a2 and a3 for $100 a game. then dude is like “nah i just wanna fuck you up. im tired of your shit talking”

im like wtf :rofl: are you fuckin serious???

but you know whats even funnier, is that we had a tourney on sunday night. this guy is so fuckin stupid he was playing the wrong person (who wasnt even in the tourney) and thought he won his first match. its hard to take someone seriously when they cant even read…



My Chun bothers him.

Shoutout to dreamfire, A2 Texas Dude.

he still hasnt posted in this thread to back up his words.hmmmmmmm

you guys missed all this fuckery lol. i forgot to mention one other thing. everyone was clowning this guy in the chat and this dude says the most random thing ever. he says since hes a top deejay and top player in st we’re all hating on him because WE want to be a top player in st like him. he also bases his skill level in st on his 2df rank saying some wack shit like “you get 1st place on 2df in a week like i did then come back to me”

WTF does that even mean! but seriously, nobody can be this dumb. i felt like i was getting dumb by seeing all this shit so i decided to put my ignore button to good use

edit - guys look at this thread

i stand corrected. dude really is that dumb

Wait, if you wanted to be good in ST, wouldn’t you be playing ST instead of 3s?

Anyways like i said, My Chun bothers him.
I won = Auto quit
’‘I dont play against Chun-Li’’ he said.

Ok. =/

EDIT: A better resolution.

no he was playing a2 and he was coming at us with all these wack ass excuses as to why he got raped hard and was telling me to mm him in st since hes a “top deejay player”

HAHA i laughed when he tried to compare himself to cruise or Ioriyk who are 10x better urien players then him and say “Top 3 uriens on 2df to look out for” LMAO

he’s worse then goldenlion on some serious shit…i wanna see goldenlion RAPE this bitch LOL (the one time i actually say this proudly for goldenlion lol)

oDaS stands for


I made that comparison with him yesterday; this guy is lion is a new body; with slightly new material.

He was ranting in the lobby about being a top player in ST; like people who were playing 3s gave a rats ass about ranks from ST. Then he went on to say he was Cruise’s equal (kinda like lion said he was equal to tenren!).

Great for a laugh; he’s just salty because everyone knows he’s garbage.

JizzyJ, he QQ’s about both me and Nica in the prem section; was hilarious. (got you some rep back btw =p)

O_O this SaDo guy neg rep me just b/c im friends with Nica KO…i really just think he jealous that he’s single and has to use his hand ^_^. :angel:

the truth

Too bad he doesn’t live in Texas…He used to but then his girlfriend called and he moved to the midwest.

Fucker of Dreamfire ftw :smiley:

This is proof that people need to lay off the cannabis while playing Street Fighter. Real Winners don’t do drugs.

For Great Justice,

buys 1231346468646541 packages of toilet paper

good shit

word son this is what he said about me…and he didnt have the balls to say this when im around…“why is nica ko such a whiney tier whoring lag infested cocksucker” ??

let me ask some questions…how many other characters do i use, do i lag the game, and do i whine at all?

i rest my case on this bitch lol (oh yah thanks Syntax :tup:)

i think your right too :shake: like this guy mustve searched my friends list or something and neg repped everyone in it lol OH he SO salty where yo chocolate Pretzels AT??

closing thread. it’s pointless.