Anyone know what game this is?


I’ve never seen it before. I’m not even sure it even got released.


Dem incestuous twins…


I really don’t know but it looks like a good game Imma see if I can try to translate it later on.


I did some research. It’s called “kenju”. It was released in arcades in 2004 in Japan.

Aside from that, I don’t know anything else about the game, but i def wanna try it out now, lol.

edit for link:


Using my sleuthing skills, I’m guessing the game is called Kenju, due to the fact the image has the name Kenju in it’s direct link. :razz:

^FUCK you beat me to it! Meh, here’s what came up in google if your interested I guess.


It never got released out of beta. Same thing with Force Five if you’re looking through Atomiswave fighters. If anybody has a copy, I’d be happy to give you $1000 for it.


Thanks for the info. I was really in the dark on this one. I did find some magazine scans and footage of the game.


Short video-

A shame this cel-shaded game got canceled. Don’t really know why a game with characters and gameplay like that would test badly. Guess the gameplay was awful. Though, it looked fine to me. Also, the Loli Twincest should of ensured this game to be released.


The cast looked kinda interesting. Too bad it never had a chance to fail. :sad:


Oh man, and I thought Rumble Fish was obscure. How could I let this slip by me?


Looked pretty meh in the gameplay department.

Also it had rival school graphics.


I remember seeing scans for this game way back in the day. Graphics and gameplay looked far from amazing, but the character designs looked pretty damn slick. Love the wincest twins.

Despite it looking far from amazing it’s a shame it never go released as I’m sure it’d have that little niche following like all those other various 3D fighters (Star Gladiator, Evil Zone, etc).


I was really looking forward to this game back when they announced it. I remember following up on this game and watching the videos at ol’ SNK-Capcom back when we didnt have that fancy gizmo these kids call youtube.

It was looking good in the beta vids and trailer, then it just disapeared never to be seen again.
Oh well…


I’ve never heard of this either, but looks nice.
If someone could get ahold of the beta version and dump it… I mean, we have Atomiswave emulation now right? HnK and all that.


Yep, never released… old and sad story, i was getting some hopes for it in those years.