Anyone know what kind of parts the Japanese Marvel players use?

Just out of curiosity, I guess. Since so many MvC2 players prefer American parts, I would guess the Japanese players prefer something like an LS-56-01 or something.

They most likely play on whatever is on the cabinet, so I’d say JLF or LS-32 depending on the cab.

well they were at evo so maybe someone who was tehre and played them can tell us what they played on?

Yeah, thats what I was hoping. I’m curious if they brought their own sticks or had to borrow some or what.

They all played with JLF’s as far as I could tell.

They shared an HRAP from what I remember. And Fantom played on a modded Agetec. I think it gave him magic powers bc he went through baby wolverine and then came back against mike chaos with Commando. I also think he was the first of them to take a game off of Yipes too.

^ interesting. they were all on square gates i assume?

Why would you think they’d play on anything else in the first place? JLF’s are the sticks that are most likely to be in an Astro, Versus City or New Net City/Naomi cab which is usually what was used for Marvel.


Japanese players who are drawn to marvel aren’t necessarily your typical fg players over there, so imo it was a fair question.

However, while I didn’t use any of their sticks, I’d still bet 99% that they were square gates.

Gotta be JLF… and OBSF. maaaaybe seimitsu.

OP basically answered his own question. Most NAOMI cabinets I know of use ls-55’s or 56’s. but i could be wrong

Back in my town we played mvc2 on astro cabs with jlf im assuming. more or less all the buttons =p

Northern Japan though. I dont think we were as serious up there.

Sanwa JLF sticks with a square gate, just like on every other fighter around here.

does anyone have info or links for info on the japanese mvc2 scene? it’s really interesting to me