Anyone know what kind of stick bubblanAB7 was playing on?

You can see it for a while from 13:34:05 on in this archive of the EVO stream. Is this just a random metal enclosure meant for another purpose? I see it says Unibox on the back, but I’m not finding anything.

Metal cash box, maybe? Something along those lines.$splssku$


Please not let have another wave of Every n00b wanting to buy what ever stick a good Pro player at Evo or the Evo Champ has.
The shoes are not what made Michael Jordan great, Jordan is what made the shoes look good. An high quality tool does not make the artist or craftsman, its the artist that brings the potential out.

What noob? What Evo champ?

The stick is unusual and looks to have some novel features. I think Sal is on the right track as it looks like he toggles some latches when he closes it, but I can’t see well enough to see actual latches. It has a custom vibe to me, except the innards look like they were probably transplanted from something not-custom.