Anyone know what PCB this controller has? Or anything about it at all?


Hey guys, I asked a friend of mine to pick me up a Wired gamestop 360 controller today, but instead of coming back with the madcatz one like I thought, he got something entirely different. I looked on slagcoin and did some searches around the forums and can’t seem to find any info for it. Does anyone have any diagrams, pictures of the PCB, or any general information on anything about it? I’d like to know what I’m working with before I open it up just in case I feel like bringing it back, as I’ve never wired a PCB up before, and it would suck for me to be guessing on where to solder for my first time haha. Here’s a pic:

Thanks for any info you can provide.


its a bb-070 there is a diagram on joystickvault


Ah thanks for the info, found it right here