Anyone know where I can find/have made a bigger actuator for a Sanwa JLF?

I tried the ultimate mod and loved it, but I decided that I wanted to take a layer of tape off to slightly lengthen the throw and add a layer at the base to shorten the deadzone. I opened up my SE, only to see that the electrical tape was starting to come off the actuator (even though I glued it around the top to keep it in place). I’ve seen people mention that it’s possible, with the right equipment, to machine a brand new actuator with the bigger dimensions. Where could I go to have this done, and does anyone online already offer this service?

Have you tried using heat shrink tubing yet? I would imagine it’s less ghetto/more durable than electrical tape.

I’ve thought about that, but I’ve heard that the tubing creates a lot of friction when it rubs against the gate.