Anyone know where I can get a sound clip of Dudley saying "Touch Me"

He says it during his EX Cross Counter. I really want it for the email notification sound on my phone. I guess I could just hold the phone next to the TV and record it, but that’s crap.


You could do it yourself by plugging the audio out from the console into your comp’s mic jack (might need a cheap adapter) and recording the move with a free editing program like Audacity. I did that for sound effects from some N64 games like Goldeneye. You could get all the other SSF4 sounds you want too. Just turn the music off and record in vs mode (training mode I dont think the music will mute).

^yeah…you shouldn’t encourage this…

^ Just trying to add a bit of how-to in an otherwise content-less thread. There are plenty of fair-use applications for short sound clips of copyrighted media.

There is no problem in encouraging that actually, since it’s for a non-profitable purpose…

bg music won’t turn off fully ever (bug from vanilla Capcom never fixed despite me trying to tell them about it directly many times), but on 0 it should be quiet enough for it not to matter for this purpose - you can mute it totally on xbox however by playing your own music and hitting pause on that in the dashboard menu.

Why do you want this? Sounds wrong on so many levels. He’s a gentle men dammit!

Like how I’ve been trying to get Cody’s “You’re boring the crap outta me” for my text message tone…help?

Mad homo brah.

You having a vega sprite just made that all the funnier.

You having a Cammy avatar affirms your sexual preferences then?

I guess I’m going to swing by RadioShack on the way home and get an adapter then. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before, thanks Meteo2. Also thank you HawkinsT, the music never being turned down absolutely has always bugged me (I turn it all the way down when I play anyway) and it would have never occurred to me to play my own music and then pause it to get rid of that.

As far as why I want it, it’s because it’s my sadness kryptonite. If I’m playing against a Dudley and he throws out an EX Cross Counter I giggle maniacally, throwing off my timing and pretty much giving away the game. Hopefully it makes getting email a little more bearable because they’re almost always from work and usually contain a message about how the offal is hitting the air circulating device.

Yeah that tip to turn on your own music and then pause it was pretty smart haha, didn’t think of it.

Just as an experiment I tried capturing some of Dudley’s sounds (6MB .ogg). Turned out pretty good, but certain things like the “ZSHOOM!” of activating an ex-move might get in the way for whatever your purpose is. I made sure to include “touch me” haha. Would make an interesting theme for computer sounds/messages/errors on your personal desktop or laptop.


Cody ultra1 hit (Ryu).ogg
Download Audacity and you can cut out the part you want or change file format.

You can turn sound effects down separately from voice effects.

Those sounded great. Capture more =)

Another day, another thread haha. It might be more fun to let people who know their character record their own sounds. That way they can more easily get all the unlocked taunts and cool combo sounds.

Here’s a little treat for my fellow claw users:
Claw Bonus Pack

Thanks Meteo :smiley:

Hey, you’re from Philly…wonder if we’ve met.

this reminds me of Benny Bennasi’s, Satisfaction

Image mishmash is for images.

That being said this thread is closed