Anyone know where i can get a TE stick in england IRL or online?

Any Madcatz TE sticks. I search Amazon regularly for their offers on the round 2 TE sticks, but it seems atm they only have PS3 stick in stock. The other Sticks on tht website (just like have over priced sticks from £200-£400. I dont know any high street shops that would have them as well since UK is not that big in the fighting game scene.

Zavvi are selling them for £100 with free postage. The offer probably won’t last long though, online only.

TE Round 2 Fightsticks, PS3 and 360 available.

Mad Catz does have their own online store, and the have a UK branch.

Most of the Xbox 360 TEs are sold out because of Evo.

^ I thought that most of the TE sticks have sold out because Mad Catz have stopped manufacturing them?