Anyone know where I can get an A-Groove Geese Video?



I’ve looked where i usually find A-Groove vids but I can’t seem to find a Geese one. Anyone know where I can get my hands on one?


i second the request. doesn’t jwong play geese? then there should definitely be a vid somewhere…


I have one


ahahhahaha yes jwong does hav an a-geese and its funny how he plays him. . . im pretty sure he plays him as if he were storm(runaway). . . anyways, should hav jwong vids, if not, they must hav taken them down, so ull hav to look around on mirc

ps heres a-geese cc if u dont knoe it yet

corner only: [lp, lp], activate,, (f.hp)x9, db.hp, raising storm
optional to combo into does about 7500+dmg if im correct


thanks, i’ll check on that later. and why use forward and hp in the corner? i posted a custom in the geese A-groove thread which is much easier IMO, and does 8500+, and can be done anywhere on the screen, even corner to corner (almost).


i dunno, i jes found dat cc on the other a-geese thread


yea i saw that one too. but my reasoning is this- the less customs you NEED to know, the better. and why learn a corner custom if it doesn’t do more damage, and the other one is already easy enough? that’s just me though.


People like to know more than one for flash and because A groove is all about showing off. Some might do less damage but might look nicer. That’s just how it is where I play anyway.


I don’t know where any Geese CC’s are, but there not hard go to for some goo CC’s.


if you guys want I can upload a vid of some Geese CC’s…I just have to wait til I get my capture card back from BinaryStar.


i’d definitely be interested. that sounds sweet.




Geese stuff

yeah the combo on namonaki takes about 8900 DMG.

ive gone to for all my A-groove needs
but there are some that I have made myself…

A-geese combo vid would be cool even though I dont
play him in A-groove any more…:frowning:

You can also start a CC from c.lpx2, activate into whatever, a D+mk would be a good thing to follow up with after activation…

A good anti-air custom is always nice…
if they jump in on you, activate, lk Jai-eh-kin (1 hit only),
FP, S.FK (far FK) until corner, than do a bunch of those F+FP’s
until meters almost out Raising Storm…

It does pretty nice damage, especially if the anti air started out
on a counter hit…:slight_smile:


There’s a match vid under the multimedia section for cvs2. The match is called Gokichi vs. Ino and Gokichi’s Geese is fun to watch. And yes of course he whips out his custom on Ino.