Anyone know where I can get the soundtrack for this game?

And I mean legitimately.

Has Nintendo released an official soundtrack for this game?

I would imagine that they might have a little trouble obtaining the rights to the Metal Gear and Sonic Tunes, and except for Brawl Angel Island and MGS4 Theme of Love Brawl version, they can be obtained elsewhere.

But I want to rock out to the Brawl version of Fire Field, chill to the brawl version of Ice Climbers and just enjoy the Famicom Medley.


(P.S.: If it is confirmed that Nintendo hasn’t released a soundtrack, then PMin~~ARROWED!!!)

There’s no official soundtrack release for Brawl, and you already figured out why. There would be all kinds of rights issues involved in releasing (and, in some cases, re-releasing) a lot of that music. So, it’s pretty safe to say that we won’t ever get one. But hey, Nintendo could later release another sleep-inducing orchestral arranged soundtrack, packaged as a magazine exclusive (as they did with the Melee music). :bluu:

There’s a download of all the game music tracks floating around somewhere; it’s just over 1GB in size, I think. It’s the same compressed music you hear in the game, but it’s the next best thing you can get now.

Since when was orchestral music “sleep-inducing”? :mad:

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You could get the gamerip.
single tracks here, use a DL accelerator
Torrent of the whole thing, not sure if it still works

Filefront link, in two parts. Again, not sure if they all work.

Credit to SmashBoards for the links.

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Thanks, guys!