Anyone know where I to buy modded saturn controller for xbox 360 online?

An why hasn’t Sega released it for console’s? I think it would be a good money maker.

Nobody makes a Saturn Pad for 360. Sega cannot make a saturn pad for 360 without talking to Microsoft first.
you should get a FGWidget convertor, or get somebody to hack it for you.

You have to get it directly from Toodles.

FGWidget Converter kit: $15 ea. Welcome document:

Also in this thread shows how one is put together in post #6, but you will need to understand from the beginning of that thread.

That said, if you wanted someone like me to do it for you, I would charge you $120 total. Just about $90 of that would cover my expenses and the $30 would be for my labor.

Thanks for all the info. If i paid you to do would it work on ps3 also or would it just be setup for xbox?

gummowned modded mine Gummowned's modding services. Now Includes Xbox One and PS4 mods! and of course rtdzign can do the job as well. you can check if he is still making these Rtdzign's Franken Fightpads. D-pad + Arcade Buttons. ( Sorry. I don't make these anymore) . the ultimate saturn pad, period.

Unfortunately no. The Saturn pads are hard to come by, even the clone SLS usb saturn pads on ebay seem to be gone now.

It looks like there is only this other knock off of the knockoff pad left.

So your no longer making the saturn with arcade buttons? I acutally maybe able to get a saturn 2 controller from a buddy. He has to check in his storage tho.

I was wondering how much should I charge for if I ever get into the converter business.