Anyone know where the full mvc2 character potraits are?

Like this…not the kind on the character select screen and winning screen…the ones you see on the VS screen and when you do a super…the art work is unbelievable…if anyone knows a site or something where they have all the characters showing there full picture with this art, plz post it here. thanks.

it has some gay roleplaying shit but it has all the pix in one place full sized

now if anyone has the ones on the VS screen (which are different from these, which are on the game win screen) it would be appreciated

I was asking for the ones you see on the VS screen and when you perform a hyper combo…

The other pictures you can get anywhere…search google…the ones i want however, are very hard to find.

The only one I’ve ever seen is of Guile and that was at some Guile fansite with combos and stuff.