Anyone know where this was originally seen?

The picture labeled #5 on this page link below, it’s a Dan or possibly a Gouki sketch. Does anyone know a book, magazine, etc. that has it? Appreciating any help. Thanks.:china:

EDIT: Forgot to post the page link.:blush:

…Im confused.

:confused: Me too… dood?

My bad!:sweat: Link is now available above. Sorry for the confusion.:wasted:

still confused…:sad:

i believe what they are asking for is this…

does anyone know a book that i can buy, that has a sketch of Dan or Akuma that looks similar to the 5th pic on this page?

i have to check my book, but i think it might be in here… ( )

Correct, cham_13_'s got the idea. It’s not in Eternal Challenge though. I would’ve seen it in there by now.

Okay folks, I edited my first post above to be as clear as possible. On the page whose link is provided above, in the first post of this thread, certain pictures are numbered. The one labeled #5 is the only one I have yet to see in a printed source somewhere. Has anyone seen it printed and knows where it can be found? Thanks for checking.:china:

Everyone tried and given up?

The pictures appear to be from some Street Fighter secret file. Not sure which. I’ll be back in a sec.

EDIT: Nah, I don’t see the thread…:confused:

Oh cripes, link’s down. Here’s another:

Yeah I’ll admit it looks like something from a Capcom Secret File RaishinX, but which one and where?

EDIT: And the first link’s back up again.

Where? I can’t answer that, but it appears to be some Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 1 or 2 stuff. Trying googling it I guess. I’ll look around for it.


There’s a little of it.

Pointless double EDIT:

Not in that one, gone through it many times as well.

Think people would search harder for the sketch if there was any monetary incentive?

Of course.

You should get one of the artists in the Fan Art section to reproduce it for you.

I do not need it reproduced; I’ve seen it electronically many times. What I want to know is where it came from before it hit the websites.

Since one person has indicated some interest in a monetary offer, here it is:

$30 to the first person who tells me and is approved for what publication the sketch is found. In other words, that person will be paid only once I’ve verified that the sketch is indeed there. So the more detail you provide, the faster the process will go. You may PM me or email me at with the subject “SF sketch info” for your shared info and your mailing address of your choice. You will be paid in the form of a money order should you solve this mystery for me.

I’m serious about this, and I expect all attempts to be serious as well. Best of success to all of us.