Anyone know where to find 15 pin circular connectors?


Title says it all. I am looking for a 15 pin male and female circular connector. I’ve done some searching online but I don’t seem to be having much luck as of yet. I know there are other options as far as 15 pin connectors are concerned, but this is purely for asthetics. So I just wanted to see if any of you might have happened to stumble on one in the past. Thanks.

click 'Go’
Go to Connectors heading, click on Circular
Select 15 from “Number of positions”, and check 'In stock’
Click ‘Apply Filters’.

And yes, they are all OMFG expensive. But they exist.


Wow, asthetics isn’t worth that much. A shame, they would have made for some really awesome UPCB cables. Oh well, thanks for dashing my hopes with those mad expensive connectors, that’s just crazy. I see why you went with the D-Sub route on the cables.