Anyone know where to find Gunter's old "Namonaki" a-groove vids?

Any ideas? (I’d particularly like to find the Gouki one.) I tried the goforbroke hub but no one there seemed to have them.

i think Gunter closed that one down for good…if you’re just looking for the gouki one, i have it. But i don’t know how i would get it to you because my computer is broken. If you have an idea how to do it, ill do it for you.

i have all of them, but i’m not 100% sure he’s ok with them being distributed.

Why wouldn’t he want them distributed? He originally had them up for DL on his site. If you want some of his A groove vids I have a few: Akuma, Blanka, Iori, Ken, Kyo, Rolento, Ryu, Sagat and his anti blanka video.

he also took them down for a reason.


Hey fireboy, do you mind uploading some for me??

Iori, Rolento, anti blanka video.

He took them down because he has a hissy fit about people talking about him.:rolleyes:

You know, I heard about this but I never got the full story on this. Can anyone explain this for me? Since his videos seemed top knotch. So I’m wondering what people said about him to get him so pissed.

I think i know a little but, yes i would also like to know as i joined SRK 2004…

I know Buk will correct me a little as I don’t remember everything.

What happened was some tension was growing between Gunter and some players at SVGL(?) I think. Then something was said about the site and how Gunter sucks and then he got all childish and closed the site.

Gunter was a bit of a pain in the ass honestly. He would type like 3 paragraphs of stuff then the main point of it could’ve been typed out in literaly 2 sentences. Also, when he would argue he would type forever without really proving a point other than “OMG can’t you read, etc.” Then he would finally get to his point. He mixed random insults with very little fact.

Whatever the case may be, I can’t seed them in goforbroke, I got perma banned for files that I wasn’t even sharing lol.

Alright: Here’s a few that I uploaded so far from request. - Akuma - Iori - Anti Blanka - Rolento - Sagat

If you want anymore uploaded just lemme know.
Or if for some reason these shouldn’t be up for DL (I don’t see why, but whatever) just lemme know and I’ll take them down. If someone wants others let me know. since I have a few more of his videos

^ cool, thanks so much. If you get a chance and feel like it, I’d definately appreciate any (or all) of the others. I used to have the whole collection a while back but lost them. I’m definately enjoying seeing them again (and I really <3 the music, too.)

=( it says “invalid link”

^ yeah, the sagat one works, but the other links seemed to have gotten messed up

I got the fuck blanka video some where.

Feel free to distribute any of my videos with one exception - the fuck Blanka video. I put a message at the end that is of no relevance now, as my beef with B was squashed shortly after that.

The reason I took down the videos was bandwidth/storage. The reason I hid (yes, HID) the site is because there are stupid people in the world that I do not want to help. The site hasn’t been updated in over a year, all the info is old (and so are all the combos on the videos), so I don’t know why you would want them. The info is still there, you just have to find it. In closing, I have just three words to say: fucktheworld

Alright, I uploaded all of the videos I have in a .zip file. If this one dies quick just send me a PM and I can send them to you via AIM.