Anyone know where to have a TE stick repaired in vegas?


i recently (sad to say) have had my tournie stick broken and i do think it is fixable and would like to know if anyone out there knows a place in vegas to have it fixed.i am buying a new one but would like to have two to get my friends more involved in the scene.just wondering if ya’ll know …thanks


What’s wrong w/ it?


Aw, if only it had broken during Evo. Lol. You could have probably seen enough of us there that the only thing missing would be a cup holder. You could look to the trading outlet if you don’t mind shipping. Plenty of modders who can look into it. What is exactly wrong with it? If it’s old (over 90 days), the warranty won’t matter, so it may be fixable because something dumb may have happened, like a wire popping loose.