Anyone know where to purchase red TE2 bezels?


Good evening im trying to purchase a red bezel for my TE2 fightstick. Madcatz has been sold out since december and has no update on restocks. Was wondering if there was another way to purchase one


That’s the reason i had to buy the ultra street fighter mad catz TE2 for xbox 360 because I wanted the red bezels (which was out of stock) and player led 1~4 indicators.


I hope someone with a 3d printer starts selling bezels and side panels for the TE2’s

I’m from Australia, so even if madcatz had them in stock it would be hard for me to purchase.

But, it seems like madcatz or someone selling a bezel privately are the best options currently.


hopefully soon. I want a white one for my rivals TE2. gonna throw a white plexi and clear buttons on that bad boy. I’m always too late for getting things from madcatz’s stock. Love to grab one of those Noir panels as well.


Wow. I may have bought the last red bezel in December. Oops.