Anyone know who the source of the Siliconera leak was?


Do not say Siliconera was the source lol, I’m talking about the source they based their article on.

Was he from SRK? Was there any threads made or claims made on SRK regarding Mika/Urien/Alex/Karin before or what could be used as the basis?

Just wondering. Remember a poster on SRK was the source of the SSFIV roster leaks in a deleted thread that confirmed all characters.


I think the only way to know this would be if Siliconera had given away their source

Don’t think there were any threads or claims made at forums though


No, I’ll say it. Siliconera was the source. There was no other source mentioned. It was someone within them. That’s all there is to it.



It could be. Members of the press are shown things then sign NDA’s. It very well could be that Siliconera was the only outlet that had the balls to break NDA for the story.

But typically speaking, places like this work with outside sources for scoops. If you remember back to the SSF4 leaks, that poster let his identity be known and his thread was promptly deleted (which helped confirm it really as truth) so he’s probably wised up, went to a news organization, etc.

It’s all moot I just was wondering because to me that seems like the most (read:only) viable leak we’ve had.


Siliconera became famous for predicting some pretty important E3 announcements from different publishers for the PS4. If they do have a source for the SF5 leaks, it’s almost certainly someone inside Sony.



I knew to stick to my guns.

Can’t wait to see Alex and Urien.