Anyone know why SF4 for PC won't work with firewall?

Yes, I enabled the proper ports on my router
Yes, I allowed SF4 to bypass my software firewall
yes, I allowed SF4 to bypass the windows firewall

Still doesn’t work unless I completely disable my software firewall. I have sygate personal firewall pro

Why you are using 2 firewalls ? disable windows permanently. I’m using the same firewall as you and haven’t got any problems with games

works with all my other online games… Just not with SF4 PC online. It’s clearly just an issue with sygate firewall. once that had been disabled, it works… WTF?? Time for a new firewall i guess…

i even went to advance options and make sure the trusted ip addresses is blank and even open port 80 and 2 other ports… no luck! oh well…

you have a router, why would you need a firewall? and on top of that WINDOWS firewall which is enabled with ANOTHER firewall at the same time…

Setup your router to be your firewall.

any replay from capcom service ?
maybe another proces is responsible for online gaming, it’s imo impossible that it’s sygate fault