Anyone liked Birdie and wish he was in SF4?


I’m not a grapple player but for some reason I really liked playing him in Alpha and wish it would be him instead of Hugo. (Since Hugo is more of a final fight guy and Birdie is an originally from SF)

I just like doing the chain grapple and smashing my opponent to the ground lol.


didnt he had some move that dragged you to him from far ?lol i can see the salt from far


No…he was a horrible black stereotype. Dumb as a rock, giant lips, criminal.


So he wasn’t much different than regular SRK posters? Why would that offend you?


Meh. I would’ve loved Sodom though.


Sodom and birdy both would have been nice throwback additions.


Yeah agreed…

Birdie and Sodom’s Capcom funeral:
Ayano: We are gathered here today to remember these warriors who helped revolutionize the street fighter series we know today.
They were good characters… our art department had an amazing time with these characters, and millions of fans had positive reception… But the Alpha days… Wait…
what the F*** am i saying these characters are ass , who gives a flying f***… Commence work on Ultra SF4 and the two characters that people actually give a fuc** about, the secret 5th character Karin and bonus 6th R. Mika!


Half the roster in SF2 was full of stereotypes, didn’t water down their character design or personality any.

Would love to see Birdie, Sodom, and R.Mika in SF4’s roster. Alpha had an awesome cast.




R.Mika’s dumb. There. I said it.


But her ass hangs out. Must be a great character.


If only Fuerte’s ass was exposed to the world. He’d have just as many fans right? Guacamole.


Have you played Alpha3? Sounds like you’ve never played R Mika, or against her. Yeah her design is as fan servicy as it gets, but gameplay wise she is quite solid.


R. Mika is great but if we’re talking grapplers, It’s all about Alex. I would take Alex one thousand times over Hugo.


Yeah I would prefer Alex too, he was awesome. Grapplers don’t have to be sluggish lumbering giants, but Capcom has went with 3. Hugo, Hawk, Zangief.


Alex is an infinitely better choice.


Wasn’t a fan of Birdie’s design but he was okay. I prefer him to Abel and T.Hawk gameplay wise, and design wise, I like him better than Hugo. But Throw Fighter IV already has enough command grabs as it is; if I had to choose one more grappler to join the fray in Ultra, it woulda been Rainbow. Hands down.

Too bad, so sad.


Didn’t really care for Birdie at all although I like his theme in A2. He was always just there. He never stood out to me.


I think Birdie is awesome. My fav character in all of SF pretty much so I would love it if he was to join the cast :slight_smile:


Birdie, Sodom, Karin and Charlie. I wish it wouldve been these characters instead of the other 3 except Rolento.
Oh well, I guess Capcom is gonna announce another update of USF4 anyway in 2 years with these…