Anyone Listen to Synthpop?

I was watching the movie Drive, which is a great flick btw, and the soundtrack got me into Synthpop.
Synthpop came out in the late 70s and surged in the 80s.
Its making a comeback on the underground with acts like College, Electric Youth, Desire, and Glass Candy.
If someone was just now getting into Rap they would know about Kanye and Weezy but not lesser known gems like Canibus, and stuff.

I’m looking for more great Synthpop to add to my collection.
Anyone here listen and have suggestions?


although not exactly synthpop you could check Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre.

Also alot of 80’s bands like Yazoo, Human League, Depeche mode etc. (or are they not really what you’re looking for?)

Reminds me of 16 bit music from the SNES/Genesis days.

My ringtone on my phone is [media=youtube]lp_PIjc2ga4[/media]

I also listen to Freezepop since I heard Less Talk More Rokk on Guitar hero 2.

Do you like my wang™ has a kickass keytar solo, but no video :frowning:

oh…THAT… I didn’t even know the name for it…I always just considered it “That '80s sound” whenever thinking or talking about it.

…and hell yeah I love that stuff whenever I hear it, since it takes me right back to those good ol’ days, back when we had cartridge games instead of CDs, audio cassettes, DEPECHE MODE!, amazing weekday afternoon and Saturday morning cartoon lineups, the actual existence of arcades, and Michael Jackson was alive and still black.

Little Boots, that is all.

Man, to be honest, I fucking hated the soundtrack to that movie. At first, they hit us with a slick track by Kavinsky (an electro house artist; my favorite genre), then it all went to shit, for me.

This is one of those genres I really dispise.

^^This. All the vocal tracks were absolutely horrible on that soundtrack.


Guilty pleasure.

LOL I saw the thread title and thought, oh dear what is aweful sounds am I about to hear. I had no idea this was the name of the genre, I always called it 80’s electro.