Anyone looking for a room at Caesar's?


[S]Me and a buddy got a room reserved at Caesar’s Palace with the EVO rate. We are looking for 2-3 other people that want to room with us. Please PM me if you are interested.[/S]

Room is now closed. Thank you to everyone that responded.


still looking for room mates to help split cost?


I may have a spot for one or two people in my room at Caesars. Only last minute emergencies though. PM me if everything else falls through. I’m there Thursday through Tuesday.


I am interested in helping split the cost if you’re still looking for additional ppl to room with. PM me details.


Sp33dRac3r, PM me directly if you don’t hear from anyone soonish. I have seen you post a couple places and right now it’s just me and my buddy in a suite in Octavius Tower. I have plenty of room, but since I don’t need the cash as much as some people posting to find roommates, I’d rather not step in just yet. Unless you can bring a setup for either 360 or PS3 to practice, in which case definitely PM me and you’ll get a really cheap stay at Evo. Goes for anyone.


Because more than a few of you have PM’d me or otherwise messaged me about staying in my room, I figured I’d add in this little bit: my room is not cheap and I’m going to charge a full split, either three or four ways, unless you can bring a setup. Staying in my room isn’t going to be a hundred or even two hundred, even split four ways. So please consider that before PMing me. It’s a suite at the venue. Not cheap


PM me the details


Creepy. You literally posted this as I was sending you a PM.


Great minds think alike, my friend.