Anyone looking for a unique PSOBB server?

Just wondering if there’s anyone who has been looking for another PSOBB server to play on…

Ephinea has been open since August and we could always use new players.

Ephinea is different than PSO servers. We don’t mess with the core mechanics of the game, but at the same time add new content and optional features for players to take advantage of. We’re also free to play and not pay to win.

Ephinea is ran and updated by the same software developers who have made the software most PSOBB private servers use, Tethealla. I’m actually one of the developers of the software, Sodaboy.

Some of the things you can look forward to playing on Ephinea, as quoted from our “What Ephinea Brings to the Table” page, are:

  • A Unique Individual Drop System
  • Lucky Day System
  • Boost Road
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Multi-language Support
  • Leaderboards w/ Time-Attack Events
  • Custom Commands
  • Multi-Region Servers

You can read more about our server here:

You can sign up on the homepage at

We currently have a 2x experience event going on as well.

It’s a good time to get back into PSO… And, even if you’re playing elsewhere, it’s a good time to check out Ephinea. Who knows? You may just find a new home.

Fuck. I JUST started on ultima with a friend for 6 hours last night. Was thinking about posting a thread here too.

Flips tables and leaves thread


what up? ive been on ephinea since last year and it fricking rocks! i still love the og pso community.

still waiting on pso 2 for a NA release doe. XD

Wow, I’m glad to hear there are other PSO players at SRK! That’s pretty surprising. :slight_smile:

Yeah, man, I’ve been in the PSO community since 1999, wrote the most popular private server software back in 2008 (new release coming later this month), and trying to do something great things with Ephinea that no one has done before.

I’m really glad we were able to get a really nice pro website design done for free, thanks to Rupikachu…

But yeah, I really hope you guys can get some friends to join whenever. The more players the better.

If you guys ever need help you can write me here or on the forums at the website. I’d be willing to help however I can.

Actually, today, we added a new mode for people who want to mess around. A cheater mode, if you will, where you can do whatever you want, but only play with other cheat characters. It’s kinda useful for experimenting and also for “server hopping”. You can spend time on Ephinea with your friends then bounce back to your home when you’re done… Though we hope we can convert you completely, haha.

It’s a classic game, though, usually once you start playing, people find themselves hooked for a long time, usually to the point of burn out, and take breaks, but no one ever truly quits PSO. It has some sort of strange addicting charm and you always return to it, sort of like a drug…

How about PSO2?

You know, PSO2 is OK, but I haven’t got much into it being that it’s mostly in Japanese. I know there’s an English patch for it, but it mostly translates items and the story mode. The flavor text and random NPCs that are scattered about are still in Japanese only and, for me, I like to fully engross myself in RPGs I play, so it’s a bit of a jarring experience for me when messages change from English to Japanese…

I actually can read a bit of Japanese, but really just a bit. Like a hundred Kanji, all Katakana and all Hiragana, but it’s not enough to really sit down and play a full Japanese game.

I will probably never really be able to get into PSO2 unless SEGA stops trolling us and releases the game state side. I mean, really, they should stop with the trolling. They’ve got the website up like it’s coming soon and refuse to say that the game isn’t coming here when asked. But it’s been years without any updates on the situation… Still, I hold onto the very slimmest line of hope that it makes it’s way here.


nah man, that shit is one long con if you ask me. they did it with og pso and now they can’t bump it for NA release? nigga plz…
anyway, i like how the server is set up. waaay better than the previous one that i used to play on, been hooked on pso since DC days.

fuck man, i lost so much sleep when it started out so much so that i was really excited when i discovered ephinea last year. i do binge out and play for a couple of days but real life gets in the way so i haven’t been online in a while.

i’ll hit it up hopefully soon. i am on srk more frequently though. just keep up the amazing work and i look forward to the community thriving for years to come.

peace out.

Used to play the fuck out of PSO, now I just don’t have the time. RAcast was my favorite class. I still think RAmarl is the best solo class, but in a group a well played RAcast wrecks. Freeze traps, Frozen Shooter and Spread Needle could lock shit down. Had a FOnewearl that was meh. I thought the Megid bonus would be worth it, but that was dumb. Should have gone FOnewm.

I’m down.