Anyone made one of these sticks from scratch yet?

I want to see designs and finished product working for a modded wired controller joystick or something. I know someone has to have tried.:angel:

Did you even bother to open **any **other threads?


at first, I thought you meant from scratch as in making the joystick without a pcb (Like off a breadboard or something)

but dear god take a look around!

hahahaha lmao look at his registration date

Surely this is a joke thread.

Has to be, been here since 03 with a ton of posts? Good one though, caught a few people… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I jumped the shark.

Hopefully the shark will get you next time. :slight_smile:

Not quite yet, but we’re getting closer ever day.

For sure an 09 hacked the OP’s account. Doh!

Pizza box stick is still the best!

I want to make a PS3 stick using the empty shell of a RRoD’ed Xbox360.

copyrighted, bitches.

Already been done.

figures. lol