Anyone make a Instruction Sheet for this game for their arcade machine yet?


I’m curious if anyone has made an instruction sheet for this game yet? I plan on playing this in my Astro City and I want to put an instruction sheet with all the moves etc, nearby for quick reference. Anyone?


Have fun with Dante’s.


lol ^

subscribed looking for one as well

maybe for dante’s you could only put the ones that you can do in simple mode


that would be cool. Leave a big ass space for Dante! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just an update I was perusing the internet youtube channels when I came across this video of [media=youtube]iw50EUMO2qY"]MvsC3 in a Noir Cabinet. The user Westrade96 made a few custom instruction sheets for Mvs3 for it and I contacted him about getting a copy. The download link is [URL=“”[/media]. Once again credit to Westrade96 on the youtube for making these.