Anyone Make Custom GamePADS?

After seeing those xbox SF gamepads, I’m wondering if someone could mod it for 360.

Has anyone heard of doing this? Is it even possible?

It is possible but why? The SF pads suck (with the xbox pads being even worse than the ps2 ones). Get a Saturn pad or a Genesis 6 button pad (the sega ones not the crappy majesco ones with the turbo function) and mod one of those.

Is this difficult to do? Let’s say for a 360?

I think either Paik or Chippermonky modded a US Tekken 5 board to work inside an old school Saturn Pad. I realize that’s not 360, but I’d hit them up for advice on it.

is a way to make a saturn to xbox 360 adapter! It looks hard as shit to me however (I am no modder/stick builder.)

mephaphorous: It’s totally possible but lets just put it this way. It’ll cost you a profound amount so it’s probably not worth it. Just get a converter.

Thanks for the advice guys.