Anyone mod mas sticks?

Ive got an old mas stick which just sits around getting no use.

Does anyone have the ability to mod this?

I would like:

-change the sticks and buttons to seimitsu or sanwa

-change the system hookups to 360 and ps3

-put in some new art for the background.

Who can do some or all of these things? How much could I save over just ordering a brand new custom?


you can do all of that except changing the buttons. 30mm(sanwa size) is bigger than 1 1/8(happ size correct me if im wrong) you would need to make the hole bigger and that would cause the buttons to be to close. i dont know if they will fit but i wouldnt risk it.

i can change the system hook up to 360 if you want.

i think you would be better off just selling your mas sticks and buying new customs/hrap3s if you want sanwa and seimitsu sticks