Anyone modded their phat 360 HD to work on a Slim ?, is it as easy as it looks?

My old phat 20gb 360 just got RROD again, its already had the X-Clamp fix done so no point in trying to fix it again. I can get a 4gb Slim for cheap, but was concerend about no proper HD, however that changed after I saw this vid

Looks simple, and if you want you old phat drive to fit perfectly you can just buy one of these cases for less then $5

Has anyone here done this mod ?, if so would you recommend it ?.

technically you dont even need the case, just a matter of removing the old HDD from the housing and slipping it in (like the video shows).

I installed a 250GB after I did the FW update to a fresh HDD and gone online and no issues… I also did not get the Housing for the HDD yet, transported it around etc and no issues.

Both the PHAT and Slim Xbox 360 HD are 2.5" Laptop Sata drives.
The cases are just for Microsoft to charge you extra for a Laptop HDD with the Microsoft/ Xbox branding on top.

So would I be able to get buy like a 320gb HDD and have it for my 360?? or is there something that prevents this

The XB360 hard drives have a special File System I believe. There are PC applications to flash it to make it think it’s an XBox official one (never done this, but know people who have). Hope that helps.

Depends on the drive brand.

Look up hddhackr.

If it’s compatible currently you can go up to 250GB, there is a 320GB hard drive that is coming out with the new Gears of War 3 console which I’m sure someone will dump which will allow you to set it up as a 320.

I feel like I’m not allowed to talk about this though so I should probably stop.

I dunno… very grey area since you’re not really pirating anything. adding your own HDD to your xbox (needs to be WD btw) is akin to us using a cthulu/paewang/PS360 instead of an officially licensed controller inside our customs…

Eh 250GB slim HDDs can be had on e-bay for about $40. So either way its not tough to equip a 4GB console with a drive.

Edit: And the only thing you really need an HDD for, besides abundant storage, is to play original x-box games. Otherwise downloaded games & content play fine on the internal flash storage.

Yeah, those 40 dollar drives are made with the same method.

I like the space because I install all my games to the HDD for the faster load times/quieter console.

Alright then thanks, I was just wondering but I don’t think Im going to do it haha… like pzlate says I install my games on my HDD and I have downloaded like 5 games from games on demand

Thats exactly what i did when i move on from a Fat XB360 to a Slim 4GB Version…got one of those cases, unscrew the Hardisk from the Fat XB360 Hard Disk case and just insert it to the slim Hard Disk Case… and im happy whit my 120 GB Hard disk on my XB360 Slim…

Good to know, Ill be happy with my 20 seeing as I only have SSF4:AE and MVC3 installed on it :slight_smile:

Did it, works perfect, 20gb phat 360 Hard Drive from 2006 working perfectly in a 2011 Slim :slight_smile: