Anyone Near DeKalb, IL? (Northern Illinois area)

Just looking to see who’s around here. Players of anything

Lol I lived in Dekalb from 2002-2007. Now I’m in Madison WI. At the time I used to play with defly there. I don’t think he still lives there, though…

You might have to play with people from Naperville…I’d check the Chicago thread.

I think most people are gone from DeKalb now. I finished up in 2010, Swerve and I used to play ALOT but we are both done now. Brad Skillz, Zombie (Jake), and Frankie G are known to show up once in a while, but none of them go to school there.

NIU actually has a growing scene. I dont go there, but I know many players still play there and actually have weekly gatherings. Post in the Chicago thread as most of their players post there.

Please take any further Dekalb discussion to the Chicago thread.