Anyone Near Sandy or Gresham?


Hey, I am a newer player who mains Honda. I am still learning and looking to improve my game. I want to play with others here in my local area, as well as online with voice so I can get some help and make friends.

This is my first post on the forums, I have been lurking for a while and once I saw the other Oregon players I had to sign up.

My PSN: Deluster

Add me and put Oregon or SRK in the message so i know who you are.

I am looking for friendly games on PSN as well as real life competition.
I also am looking for no BS, and no rude people, I just want people who are kind and want to chat and help each other improve our games.

If you are interested in sending me an invite, hit me up here on SRK to set up a time, or any time you see me online feel free to challenge me to a match.


We got a thread for this… I think. What do you mean Sandy? Like… the street? It’s pretty big yo. We have meet ups at peoples place sometimes. Also tournaments. Also I’m one of the few people that play on PSN here. Also fuck Honda.


lol, Not sandy as in Blvd. But as in the town. It is outside of gresham towards mt. hood.

I would love to come to some of the tournaments and such.

If you want add me on PSN, I will send a friend invite.

Why Fuck Honda? Is there a reason? Anyhow.

see you online