Anyone need a TE JLF?

I’ll be going to a store today in NYC that has a slightly upgraded JLF for 29.99 so I was thinking about getting that and selling my TE JLF. The one I sell will either come with a black or white ball top

I’d probably want 29.99 shipped. I may not buy until I get a response here. Thanks

how is it upgraded?

I’m not sure. It feels tighter and has a slightly different model number.

just buy a ls-33 spring and put it in :open_mouth:

check out akihabarashop’s youtube clip
of modded jfl

Probably has the Ultimate-Mod

:rofl: yeah probably… and its in NYC so its probably from VGC so those guys probably did it wrong…

The guy made it sound like a different joystick not a mod. They also sell higher grade sanwa obsf buttons as well as the ones found in the TE. It was not vgc but a place called the video game store.

I checked the site and it is a JLF-TP-8Y-SK so maybe they just added an extra spring. The obsf buttons were obsfg so they were different than what is inthe TE. However maybe I only “felt” the difference in the joystick because he said it was a higher end stick than what is in the TE.

JLF is JLF. Any notation after JLF dictates micro switch position, with/without mounting plate. Hes BSing you when he says “higher end stick.” It could be you think its stiffer because all JLFs feel stiff at first, and when broken in feel buttery. He could have also just added a spring.

The RG buttons last longer than the regular OBSF/N buttons, so instead of the regular 10 years, it will take 20 years to wear them out. But are you sure they’ll fit in a T.E? They’re kinda long lol.

I just ended up buying two red obsf buttons to replace the grey buttons on the TE. I don’t need buttons to last that long at 9.99 a pop.

Also have a TE JLF stick

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