Anyone NOT staying at Green Valley Ranch post your hotels

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to stay at Green Valley Ranch, and I don’t have anybody to room with, and I know Im not the only one in this situation. So anyone not staying at GVR posts your hotel here so we can get an idea of where everyone is staying. You never know, you might end up in the same hotel with another EVO participant. I’ll be staying at the Riviera. Found it for $50 a night at

Riviera Hotel Casino
2901 Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

howard johnson pwnage…$60/night

it’s a good 15 minutes or so from GVR tho…so that’s kinda annoying but hey it’s also closer to the strip and fact is, outside of the #R tourney I really don’t care about the other games at Evo, so I’ma be in a poker room, night/strip club, or getting drunk as hell playin slots or blackjack…so imho stayin at the venue hotel isn’t worth it to me since I plan on having an actual vacation and evo’s just a smal part of it.


Fiesta Henderson Hotel Casino
777 West Lake Mead Drive
Henderson NV 89015

That is wehre We will be staying. We have about 6ppl in one room and with the discount we got for reserving so early its going to be about $30 each for the weekend.


How Far is the Fiesta Henderson from EVO? My Hotel is about 15 min away

this is only about 4-5 miles

i live in vegas, over by nevada palace / sams town, boulder hwy and harmon.

My house.

Fiesta and GVR are basically on the same interstate, short drive. Around 5 miles

Sunset Station is really close as well. All owned by the same company,Station Casinos.

For everyone who does’t want to pay the outrages prices at GVR



Im staying at the paris

Rocking the stardust :slight_smile:

Me and my friends are staying at the Golden Nugget Casino/Hotel. Not sure how far its from where evo is going to be held but its like on $50 bucks a night.

Anybody else have an Arcade in their hotel? I know mine does, but this is my first time staying there, so im not sure how good it is.

its far as hell as far as vegas goes, youll wanna leave at least an hour early. youre a minimum 15 miles away, and with vegas, thats far. but youre near a freeway.

Anyone want to stay at The Orleans? They have one of the better arcades in Las Vegas, and they have a promotion right now. You can get Friday, Sat, Sun (2 nights) during the Evo weekend for $199 including tax. Thats $199 total not per night. Plus you get 4 free buffets. Promo code EDM0821.

Its 11 miles from the Evo site.

I’m on their mailing list because I like the hotel :slight_smile:

Your casino is next to Circus Circus, which has the most fighters on the strip. Not sure how good machines are, but at least it has A3.

Looking for a place to crash!!

Interested! PM details. Anyone else want to room?

I’ll be staying at the MGM Grand: $159/night.

Anyone know of one close to the evo event that’s like around $50 to 90 bucks a night then. Didn’t know that mines was that far away.