Anyone notice that corner situations are way more common then mid screen?

Cause I noticed that I almost never have to do mid screen combos, because most characters bnb will carry you into the corner as long as you aren’t across the whole stage.

I agree, c.viper and dante are the king of this…

why are you posting this? Yes, im sure everyone has noticed this and didnt even need to voice an explanation because of the obvious nature of the question. C’mon man…

I posted cause someone was talking about an endless stage option in training mode.

I think the stages should be bigger so that jockeying for a corner position actually matters, instead being in the corner seems to be the default place everyone ends up just because every combo finishes there.

So blow it out your ass edingfield.

why wouldnt you post about it there then? I didnt create a new thread only to proclaim how much of a dumbass you are. seriously, if that was your point why didnt you just say it?

…I don’t know, cause I’m dumb, I guess.

cool haha i didnt really want to argue anyway

na, i agree with the OP.
can we please get larger stages. sometimes i want to be midscreen to try stuff.

The stages need to be the same size for competition reasons I guess, but I do wish they were a bit wider.

MSH had an endless stage.
Super Turbo (And others, possibly) have varying sizes for their stages - e.g. Blanka’s stage is 1.5x the size of Claw’s.

I fucking love that stage, the Shuma one, right, where you break through the bones and then just keep going round? I remember discovering that on my Saturn way back.

I didn’t realise any Capcom games had different width stages (aside from the one mentioned), what are the tournament rules/feelings about these things? Also I suppose it doesn’t matter as much in SF as most combos can’t carry you from edge to edge.

i don’t think that it matters that much.

most of us cross ppl up anyway, and know touch of death combos.