Anyone notice XBL has way more lag than GGPO?


I die a lot on XBL because of dumb things like lag fucking up a red parry and I get blown up, and it makes me wonder if I’m really that bad (8+ years rec/cas 3s) now, or if something isn’t exactly kosher on XBL.

Yeah yeah, red parries aren’t supposed to be very easy, but for instance when you’re fighting a Ken, he has a lot of mixups/sequences where you can red parry the second attack when you’re waking up (cr. short, cr. jab) (target) (low forward xx ex fireball) (scrubby low forward xx dp) (axe kick) etc, so if you have a little bit of yomi going on, you can guess where to red parry with some efficiency, plus if you red parry with an sggk, you can be covered for tick throws etc

but yeah, I notice that I won’t get a lot of stuff that I want and even in cases where the latency is like 100, I never had the problems on GGPO I do on XBL.

PSN is better than XBL?

Can’t play GGPO on real internet right now unfortunately 8(, but I know that’s where the real comp is


Pre-patch PSN was pretty bad. I encountered 3 green connections over the course of say 6 months of almost daily play at varying times of the day. Only 3 green connections. And 2 of those were at one point Yellow. And I have Cable Internet. Not Fios or Google Fiber but I get a pretty decent speed. I assume it’s better since the patch but I sold my PS3 over a year ago so I dunno.

GGPO is pretty much your best bet for online 3S even though at least half the guys there are trolls.


CPS3 vs FBA vs OE all have different timings. so you have to adjust to whatever you’re playing on. you may also be used to playing with innate input lag if you play on GGPO since the vast majority of PC setups are not lag free. but either way even if the input lag is the same on both they just have different timings. Sandybags red parries pretty reliably online on XBL so it’s likely a timing thing for you and nothing wrong with the game or netcode itself.

there’s no difference between 360 and PS3 AFAIK

I have a really hard time switching between CPS3 and OE, but also CPS3 and FBA. Ken target combo cancelled into doing nothing and standing there like an idiot is my personal OE special ability.


I find ShmupMAME to be pretty accurate to the game’s arcade speed.


I think the dreamcast had internet capability. I remember using an old DSL modem to link up to it once. I used to use 56k mostly, though.


just tried it out by feel. ShmupMame at least at default speed is too fast. try shoto low short xx super on cps3 and then shmupmame lol. feels way different.

it’s possible Shmupmame might be close if you take down the game speed a couple %. if we can come up with something concrete for how all these versions run different and measure it, it would be nice to find out about 98% Shmupmame too.


Shmup is more about the input delay on Win7 IMO, compared to regular FBA, it’s a significant bonus. It feels faster than OE and Groovy for sure though.

Have you had a chance to try out Groovy yet Lance? I still need to set up a XP install on my PC and test it more, but so far the Linux version feels “better” than OE, it’s just a shame that it’s stuck with inherent input delay because of Linux though = / . Fortunately my setup is already perfectly compatible with Groovy… As I said before, the main limiting factor is the required components, like an “old” ATI card (my on board graphics for me) and a 120hz capable CRT monitor. If the monitor isn’t 120hz, you can still get the correct speed so long as the monitor works with variable hz, like 50-70, that should work fine. But at 120hz (more like 119.16 as that’s about double 3S’ hz), the visual input delay is cut down.


not yet. it’s on the to do list! we tested the other PC emulators today, will try groovymame after that, then we’re calling an end to our lag tests and starting the speed tests which should hopefully lead us down a path of knowledge.


I’m actually going to see if I can redo these lag tests with a more accurate setup. If it works the way I want it to, I should be able to measure the lag down to within a few milliseconds rather than half a frame. . . if it works.