Anyone on the Ps3 want to help train me?

Hello, just wondering if anyone is interested in helping me learn from my mistakes in matches? I keep getting kicked out of lobbies and laughed at :O, horrible and sad experiences today lol. My psn is REALVINNYBLESS and I think I keep getting kicked because I have no points at all, since I’m scared of ranked matches lol

Your first issue is that you’re scared of ranked matches. Don’t be afraid to lose online, losing is just part of learning. Just keep practising and keep learning why you lose. It shouldn’t be that difficult to learn from your mistakes. For instance are you jumping in too much? Are you getting anti-aired a lot? Are you getting tick thrown a lot because you’re not crouch teching? Are you learning what all the characters’ moves and tendencies are? If you’re not then you really should start actively trying to learn these things. I don’t have a ps3 so I can’t help you, but tbh you don’t need help to learn these things, just look it up on this forum. Also are there any characters you’re particularly having trouble against? Then read the matchup thread. Are there any terms in the matchup thread you don’t understand? Look it up! Also watch youtube clips of people who play your character well, and see how they play.

Getting good at this game requires “off the field” work as well as “in field”. “off the field” gives you knowledge. “In field” gives you experience.

Thank you, I think later today I will watch a lot of replays of my fights and see what’s going on. It just sucks when you are beat so bad, people taunt and then kick you out of the lobby :open_mouth: mostly Ken players for some reason lol I’ve been watching Sako, did you see those matches he had a week ago with Evil Ryu? Him and Mr Naps seem to be really good at playing him, but they can also do those damn resets that are so hard for me to get the timing down. I didn’t even know after heavy punch to a medium axe kick, that you could do more after that, because the timing makes it seem like you aren’t able to lol

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