Anyone or anywhere to gather for SSFIV casuals in San Diego?

First off let me say sorry if this post goes against any wishes of the mods. I checked and didn’t see one like this.

So, I’m a SSFIV player from San Diego. I always felt I was completely horrible at the game even after I bought my Round 2 TE stick. But recently I met with a friend who I felt could be a local tourney contender and we had great matches offline. I was able to tech throws, hit my links, and play at a high level. Whenever we play online, I get destroyed. This led me to believe that I might not suck, but online play might just be that horrible. So after the casuals I refuse to play online, I don’t want to have to get mad when I know it’s not my fault.

Obviously I’m not big on the tourney scene, but I’m looking for somewhere I could hang out and play some casuals with people and see if I really can play competitively. I live in Clairemont, and I play on the 360. I likely can’t travel too far. I’m lookin maybe if someone holds games at their place, any arcades to play at, anything for casuals. I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t find something like this. If you wanna play some casuals, let me know and maybe we could try and set it up.

Hey try looking a bit harder next time. It took me about an hour of searching to find your local thread just TWO THREADS DOWN!!

It might be a good idea to try in there.

BTW good job on teching throws. Welcome to 14 years ago.

I don’t get it, is everyone on this site that bored they all have to be assholes?

I’ve seen that thread but it’s so fuckin old, I didn’t think it would have a lot of relevence to what I’m searching for.

Welcome to 14 years ago? hmm, I’m 17 so I should’ve learned that when I was 3? Uh, no. Also, I’ve never learned how to play Street Fighter at a higher level until Super came out, which is when I also got my first fightstick. So next time you go around acting like a dick for no reason, at least get your facts so you KNOW what you’re saying is valid.