Anyone order from Himura Amusements lately?

I ordered Sanwa parts to build my first arcade stick last week when I noticed there were a bunch of comments people left saying that had been waiting weeks for parts to come. These messages were from January, has anyone ordered from there in the past few weeks? How long did it take for your stuff to come? Thanks alot.

Himura has a documented history of delays. For Sanwa Parts, I’d go with Per (Therealneogeo) or Ponyboy. You can find them on this board.

I placed an order at Himura, but I went with Akihabara, as I doubt I’ll be getting anything from Himura at all.

Hopefully PayPal will help me out, but meh…

I was pretty sure he was done doing business… did you order from his site or his ebay store?

I ordered from his site, which still has a PayPal Cart for some reason.

What, are the ppl at PayPal rly that retarded?

Dang I ordered from the site…anyone know if theres a way I can get my money back?

just ask paypal for a refund. usually, they are pretty good about getting your money back to you, especially from sellers with problems such as himura.

+1 for ponyboy, Done business with him before and hes fantastic. Ponyboy is based in the US also which is a plus, but for some more specific parts Per may be able to ge them to you faster. For more general parts (buttons, sticks, etc) Ponyboy almost always has plenty ready to go.