Anyone order from MAS lately?

I ordered a MAS on Feb 23 and they said they were backed up on orders and it would take about 2 weeks. I called them again today and they said they haven’t even started making my order yet. I’m guessing with Evo coming they would have a lot of orders and if they are really backed up someone on here must have ordered one too.

If so how long did you have to wait? I know these thing are built basically from scratch and customizable and what not but isn’t the turnaround usually shorter than this?

And does anyone know if ordering from resellers, ie. Alpha Electronics or eStarland, would be faster? I don’t need the stick for anything important but I am getting impatient with them.

it took me about a month to get mine. it even came a little damaged and they forgot the reset button. but it functions fine, so i didnt care. oh and most people i know who ordered it within the last couple months took 3-4 weeks also


i ordered mine Feb 25 from alpha electronics and NOTHING

they dont answer calls, or emails

verrryyy unhappy >=(

I order my MAS almost a month ago and they said they were backed up also. I got my stick last friday. So just give MAS time.:wgrin:

Thanks for the replies. I hope I get it next week then and I really hope it doesn’t come damaged…

keep us updated

so will I

hey guys, what systems are your sticks for. I’ve been asking mas for an xbox stick for a while now and they said they don’t have the parts/converter.

i order mine from
did you call them and ask?

I remember trying to get a stick from MAS back in October. It had been 4 weeks and the lady on the phone claimed someone was “going to wire it” soon. After another week I just gave up and ordered a finkle. It plays great.

Mine is just for Playstation since most of the forums I’ve read on here say to just get that and use converters for anything else.

I e-mailed Alpha Systems and they said after you place an order they send that order to MAS so it probably takes even longer to get it from them. The MAS lady told me that some of the resellers keep an inventory and ship them out a lot faster but she couldn’t name any of them lol.

Yeah when I called last week the lady said they were in the process of doing the wiring for my order then this week she tells me they ran out of cases and haven’t even started on it yet. That’s pretty annoying.

Don’t laugh. What’s a finkle?

Custom sticks FTW.

Unfortunately, the quickest way to get a MAS stick is to go there yourself and sit there while they make it for you. I got my stick in about 30 minutes.

I remember driving there one day and being given a stick that was supposed to go out that day. Maybe you can get someone that lives in the area to stop by for you…

When you went there, had you already ordered and paid for your stick or did you just sort of show up there and ask to purchase one?

Question for you who have ordered it recently, when did they charge you? And how long after being charged did you get the stick?

I showed up without notice and asked for a stick. I paid the lady in cash and sat in a chair while I watched the 2-person operation at work. One lady put the box together and another lady did the soldering.

What IC do they use?

Cool.I didn’t know they were a family/home operated business.