Anyone order from

I placed an order with them on March 12 and they said they shipped on the 13th. My receipt gae me a colli poste tracking number in french and someone from starcab told me 4 -5 days to get to the US. Does anyone know how to track my order here in the US? How long did it take you guys to get your orders from starcab?


Put your coliposte number on the writable icon on the left (under “suivre un colis”)

But I figure the packet is now on the US territory by now

what does “Colis sorti du territoire de depart…Centre Export” mean?

That your parcel has left France and they are no longer tracking it.

I placed an order on starcab the 14th, it’s been shipped the 17th and I received it the 20th.

when my package gets into the us…who delivers it…UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL or etc?

Def not USPS since they’re headquartered in Canada.

My guess would be Canada Post. (the equivalent of USPS in the States)

Sorry…I forgot to mention that I live in california

I just ordered some parts from them, and they seem to be on the ball, so ill let ya’ll know how long it takes from order to delivery

Same here.

EDIT: Just got a dispatched parts confirmation email today. FYI, bookmark this if you don’t have a good translator. The email was in French.


well i ordered about a month and a half ago, and still havent received my parts. And when I asked for a refund they’ve been giving me a run around. So now I actually have to go through my bank to get back the 90 bucks that STARCAB stole from me.

great freaking company…yeah right!