Anyone own a byrdo stick

the reason I ask is the pics on his site look great but there are none of the insides?
Also the lexan looks like its factory cut, how in gods name is he doing that?

the reason why some people can’t get pics inside is b/c the bottom has a bottom matting and u would have to tear it off in order to unscrew it and open it up =( the lexan i believe is cut by him since he has the tools to do that.

I wish I had one. I tried to get in touch with him about that Rome stick but he never got back…

yeah, me too

he lives 45 mins away from =P

he goes under Tha-Darkside youll see him in the southwest thread, under NewMexico, or sometimes in the El Paso Thread, just dont request like crazy, he might not get back to you

Eye own a byrdo stik :wink: He’s right the bottoms on the majority of them are sealed with a material to reduce slippage. I never really take inside shots, because it doesn’t really cross my mind. There wouldn’t be too many similarities though, because I normally use various methods for different stiks so sometimes the inner structure looks entirely different. I cut the lexan with a tablesaw, you just need a specific blade to give you a ‘factory cut’ edge, otherwise it’ll get chipped pretty bad.

As for my lack of response, I apologize for this, it’s never intentional. I get so caught up in school, family, and other things that it often leaves me very little time to answer emails and what not. Not trying to make excuses, that’s just the way it’s been lately, but I’m really trying to come up with a more efficient way to manage everything. Hopefully, now that I just finished up the semester I can get everything in order.

Cheers for the response Byrdo, Im planning to make some new sticks and aspire to get them as close to the quality of yours show as possible. My electrical skills are good and my art and drawing skills are pretty good too. Need some tips on wood and lexan work mind.
A table saw would be great but with limited funds I will have to do my best with hand tools.

Dont some bottons come loose after hours and hours of play? If this is the case then how would you get in and tighten them?

They could be snap ins…

I want to know how you guys play with a small box like that. Do you hold it on your lap or put it on a table?

I end up taking bigger joysticks like the pelican real arcade and lift them up by the joystick trying to play with them. I find it hard to play with a joystick unless it’s in a cabinet.

In either case, buttons do wear out and sometimes there are problems where taking a look inside is useful. I honestly think it’s not very practical to make a stick where it’s difficult to open or opening might “damage” the stick.


I got a byrdo stick. It took me a full of year of waiting just to finally get it but it was well worth it. MIne is the tri-force stick and like the others it has the bottom screws covered up. I wanted to look inside but I won’t even bother anymore. I wish I could change the gates of the stick though D-:

Other than that, yeah. They are the best sticks I’ve seen and played on.

mine has screw-ins. after a year of steady play, it’s still in good shape.

as for being a small box-- it’s very heavy for its size, and j-sticks don’t need much force to do motions… add the padding stuff on the bottom, and it doesn’t move at all for me.

I own one of Byrdo’s sticks, and it looks and plays REALLY REALLY nice. I have the Champloo one, the red colored one.

I wish I could ask him to do a custom one…

It would be hilarious if all of you “Die Hard” Happ and Sanwa fans finally figured out how to crack one of these bad boys open and realized that it was just some cheap knock off parts from China that you had been playing with and raving about how good they felt :slight_smile:

Or, maybe Byrdo is really an alien and he is planting these little robot seeds inside his joysticks that are just waiting until STREET FIGHTER 4 comes out so they can burst out of the box and take over like in the movie WAR OF THE WORLDS…


You know, I have a couple of sticks made with some cheap parts that I used when I was learning, and they aren’t terrible. I mean, you can tell the difference, but they aren’t total shit.

I mean even if you get some of those sanwa knock off sticks and buttons, they are still better than 95 percent of the readily available sticks in most retail stores. Ever try to play on a mad catz stick? Gross.

I don’t think that is a possibility though, getting cheap shit from byrdo.
His stuff is awesome.

I can see where you’re coming from, but at the same time I don’t think it’s very practical to make a stick that needs to be opened all the time due to problematic installation. There’s no difficulty in opening any of my stikz if needed, takes about 2 minutes, without any noticable ‘damage’. You can either peel the bottom or use a razor to crosscut where the screws are. However, there is a very noticable difference in playing on a stik that has only rubber feet or nothing at all, compared to the stuff I use. Honestly, I’ve never had to open up any of my personal stiks for any reason, even after a ton of use. I expect parts to eventually wear out and such, but to me replacing/fixing something like that isn’t difficult, time consuming, and most importantly it doesn’t happen often enough. Because of this I’d rather make a stik that’s muffled and won’t move around, whether you use it on a table or lap.

CDL - If you’re ‘lifting’ a pelican real arcade while it’s on a smooth surface such as a glass table, then you’re probly overextending your movements too much, because those stiks are heavy enough to remain in place. I’d just practice on tightening up your motions. If it’s being lifted while on your lap, that’s mainly due to the bottom having only rubber feet as grip. Rubber feet tend to be inadequate for grip on clothing, this will cause the stik to move around.

I agree, even using little sticks like the hori SC2 I have never noticed any movement of the whole stick. And to lift a big stick like a pelican you must be trying too hard. Or be super humanly strong.
So is it like a felt you use as the base Roberto? Oh and when is the issue of wired out? Wonder if you can get it here in the UK

i recently built my first stick (8x10). with or without the rubber feet; i have never lifted it off it’s base while playing.

but i do howerver know some people that almost break real arcades with the way the aggressive way they play.

It’s true that a custom stick shouldn’t need frequent repair or tuning up, but that’s not to say things can’t happen that are not the fault of the builder or even the user at all (I think we’ve all heard our fair share of poor delivery services by USPS and such). Also, we all know that one of the things that people like to do is switch artwork or even parts (like they want to switch the color scheme or switch to a different brand of parts), which again requires opening up of the back.

I believe that the matting you use probably does work really well. I have no doubt that’s why you use it, but there are ways that you could do it to make it easier for the user. From my experience the average user isn’t a builder/modder and are more often than not really comfortable doing things that aren’t immediately apparent to them. You said you could crosscut the matting but why not just drill/cut holes where the screws are in the first place? That in itself would make it easier for people. Or maybe just use the matting on the removable bottom plate only so you don’t have to peel it off anything.

Lastly, please don’t take any of this as bashing your sticks or the matting you use. I think the work you do is very good and worthy of the praise in this thread and on this forum and others. I’m just speaking on the basis of practicality. As a custom stick I think users should be able to make changes as they please. It’s part of the joy of having a custom stick.