Anyone own the X arcade?

I’m looking to get an arcade stick for the Sega Dreamcast.
I need two of them, one for myself and then for guests who want to play.

So far I have done some research and it appears that now is not a good time to order from MAS systems, what I hear is that they are bogged down ATM.

I’m only looking to spend around 200 dollars, maybe a little more.

Right now I have my eye on the X Arcade Dual, however I am concerned that there will not be enough space between the stick and the guy next to me.

The Solution is to order 2 of the single Sticks. But I am wondering if anyone owns the Double and finds that it is more than enough space.

I would like to avoid building my own but it is becoming increasingly appearent that it may be what I must do. I’m hoping that someone has heard that MAS is back on schedule or something because I would really like to get my hands on some Sticks. -No pun intended.

Do not get an X-Arcade joystick. There is a slight lag when using the sticks with a Dreamcast adapter.

Judging by your budget, your best bet is to hire a stick builder on these forums to build you two Dreamcast sticks. I suggest you create a thread in the Trading Outlet forum and ask if someone can build you DC sticks (you might also get lucky and find someone who will sell their modded Agetec Dreamcast stick). Expect to pay about $150 max per stick.

i know a guy who owns the double, there isn’t nearly enough space.

x arcade sticks are crap,

mediocre stick and buttons,

not worth your money

1 player stick is 100 right?

for the same price you can get a custom built one with REAL arcade parts

for as low as 100 upto 150

but if youre one of those jerks who say “ehh as long as the buttons work when i push em its fine”

then get the x arcade

Yeah I decided not to get it when I read: Lag.

Right now I’m really considering building my own, it does not seem too hard to assemble, I can easily solder some buttons.

The problem is, there does not seem to be a lot of information on DC sticks, seems mostly PSX buttons.

I was planning on getting a few madkatz contollers to practice with the soldering but I can’t find a diagaram that says: “Solder here, Solder there”

Like I know one wire goes from the PCB to the pushbutton. But I cannot find a diagram on where to put the grounds.

I’m going to cross my fingers and call mas systems tomorrow and see how long of a wait it would be.

I also made a thread about custom sticks here, but if I can find the information then I will just make myself one.

So Far the Sticks and Buttons comes to about $60. 2 Competition Sticks, 14 Convex buttons. I will probably drop 2 of those for a cheaper start button.

if you live in socal i would suggest actually going to the MAS shop and youll get it in a couple hours

if not expect to wait MONTHS for it to ship T_T

Yeah, the X-Arcade is good for PC use with Mame or something, but the DC adapters lag a good bit and the other ones do too. casual players may or may not notice, but you will.

Someone is selling their Dreamcast stick in the Trading Outlet, so you should head on over there quickly.


You may have Sunday’s Best but you picked Tuesday’s worst when it comes to arcade sticks. Custom FTW.

I regret to inform you the X-Arcade is trash. I have one. The only play it gets is getting laughed at when my friends are over. I’m a hard MVC2-er and I can tell you, no matter what system you have it on, it lags and is unresponsive.

The PC does not have MVC2 unless you nullDC and joy2key it with the XArcade, which case, is also trash. MAME works well, ie SF2, and all that. But it’s not impressive since they dont’ require the tight timings like MVC2.

i would avoid at all cost. i regret buying it and planning on giving it away as a bday gift.

Yeah I did not get it, right now I am making a stick.

But I am having a terrible time trying to solder the damn thing.

How’s the tankstick x-arcade? What if i’m planning to use it on an xbox using it for MAME? IS there lag or is it just for the Dreamcast?

There have been many threads about why the X-Arcades are not good. One of them talked about the XBox converters lagging and the fact that even the XGaming people themselves acknowledge it. So unless they have changed their PCBs or adapters they will still probably lag and just generally suck.

For a little more money you are better off getting a pair of custom sticks made for XBox and then using adapters for the PC. I doubt you really need that trackball anyway.

Just make a PS stick and get a couple PS2 -> DC converters. If you’re a hardcore gamer you should have a PS2 with 3rd Strike, Alpha Anthology, etc, anyways.

I have two DC sticks - and I used the Mad Catz Dream Pad PCB. Notice the holes near each button. Soldering a wire into these holes is INFINITELY easier (IMO) than trying to solder to a flat surface (while avoiding bridging the ground).

However be forewarned. It has been my experience that the latter revision controllers (transparent shell) do not have the holes in the PCB. So I’d look for the older opaque cream colored models with blue/black grips. Should be dirt cheap if you can find em.