Anyone play any obscure SNK fighting games, like Double Dragon?

I’m especially interested in getting competition in obscure SNK/ADK games like Double Dragon, Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Art of Fighting 3, Waku Waku 7, World Heroes 2, and Fatal Fury Special. I play on MAME 0.64… PM me if you’re interested, I just wanna see if anyone else plays games like these…

I play all the time Double dragon when chibi is on. Has for the rest include me also but what about games like Breaker revenge,Real Bout series and Ninja masters.

PS: Does someone play Daraku Tenshi-The Fallen Angels?(Even so is not snk game but still is rare game with interesting grafic and chars.)

I play Daraku Tenshi, but only sometimes because most of the time it crashes my comp.

I have Real Bout and Ninja Masters but they don’t work on MAME, just on Neorage.

Real Bout… YUMMM!! ^^

Waku Waku!!, awesome. I love that game. I don’t play it though. =[
It’s funny, has a GREAT look and Bonus Kun ROCKS!

But if you want to we can get some Waku Waku matches in sometime (after I get a new motherboard), PM me if you’d like that.

BTW does someone also play Rage of the dragons and Power Instic Matrimelee?

Man I play them all, WW7, AOF1-3, World Heroes 1-Perfect, ROTD, PIM,all of them. Anyone have any sites with good WH info??

cough Breakers/Revenge

Anyone down for Daraku or Breakers Revenge matches?

used to play Double Dragon all day in arcade back around 1999s…Was also into Kabuki Klash and Karnov’s Revenge…and the classic last blade :slight_smile:

Some linkage-

Double Dragon:

Obscure Fighters general:

If you guys are playing these games, please record your inputs and post on here.

Breakers Revenge, Rage of the Dragons and Real Bout 2. Anyone think they’re good at these games?

Id like to give Breakers Revenge and Power Instinct Matrimelee a test, but I dont have them…

Gowcaizer!!! Too bad no one else play it on kaillera :sad: .

'Eh, both work fine on MAME.
I don’t know what people see in Ninja Masters anyway. It seems like a watered down Samurai Shodown with shitty character designs.
I am of the opinion that everything that ADK did is mediocre at best, and complete shit at its worst.