Anyone play Hori Real Arcade?

I was wondering if anyone in Japan has play tested this thing. The reason is, I need a stick for a party this weekend and if the hori isnt that much greater I will just buy the cvs chaos stick with 2 day shipping instead of buying the hori tommorow with next day 23 dollar shipping. Thanks

Also how is the Hori with 2D fighters. I saw a review on ncsx where the guy had a hell of a time doing half circles. Anyone else have this issue?

I want to know this as well…I’m on vacation in Asia right now and today I checked and it’s not out yet. For the ones that has it already…how different does it feel from the Fighting Stick 2?

I guess it officially comes out tommorrow but Lik Sang said today so I was hoping some people already had it. Hopefully people will let us know today. :slight_smile: How is your fighting stick 2 with 2d fighters. I heard the sammy stick is great with 2d that is why I can’t decide :frowning:

Hori Fighting Stick 2 is awesome.

Half circles were actually easier since you dont need as much movement to do them but maybe the guy wasnt used to a square gate. Tiger knee movements were definately easier to do because of the square gate.

What may be decieving is that it’s sturdier than it looks.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Does anyone knwo of an American store (online is fine) where i can buy a ps2 to xbox converter. ncsx is all out :frowning:

It has a square gate!? Fuck that! xD

i don’t think i can help you with an american store teh_banned but i do know ofthis site

Walmart…gemini adaptor ps2->xbox/gc

I love you :slight_smile: you always help me out :slight_smile:

O no I dont see it online do you think the actual store will have it
Never mind I found it at CompUSA YAY :slight_smile:

O Jesus comp usa takes 2 days to process order. I will keep looking. I need this for Friday!

has anyone used alphaelectronics?

I wonder if compusa has it in their actual store?

Well I bought the Hori Real Arcade from NCSX. I had it shipped next day air for 27 :frowning: At least i will have it for Friday. When I return Sunday I will post a mini review have a great night :slight_smile:

I can’t find that stick on the nsxc site, someone please link me to where it is on there or another site it’s on sale at. thanks.

It is still listed as pre order becuase they haven’t updated their site this morning but it ships today :slight_smile:

what the hell, on the ncsx site it says pre order will ship on 29th then when I email them they say it might arrive at their store today or tommorrow. I payed 27 dollars to have it on Friday. I would have payed for 3 day shipping if it wouldn’t matter. It better arrive in their store today or there will be hell to pay.

now their site says that i’ll auto ship on the 30th.

You should have done it over the phone w/ them.

When i did it last night it said the 29th. This is BS! I want to change my shipping :frowning:

Well i talked with ncsx and it will ship tommorrow so I changed the shipping to 3 day since I can’t have it for Friday. So know I will have it on Monday. So expect a review Tuesday now :frowning:

I’m glad I preordered when I did they now have a message on the main site saying they are sold out :eek:

I went to Lik-Sang’s store today (29th), and they don’t even have it, they told me to check back in a couple of days…