Anyone play Hori Real Arcade?

I swear to god NCSX better ship my stick tommorrow :mad:

BTW: Play Asia says ships in a week. What the hell is going on is this thing really out today. I assumed NCSX didn’t haven’t since they are in America

This sucks. Ncsx got back to me again and they confirmed it will ship tommorrow but I should expect it Wednesday. Call me crazy but UPS ships on Saturday so shouldnt I get it Tuesday not Wednesday. :frowning: Plus they are in New York I am in MA how long does it take :frowning: I could drive there in a few hours :stuck_out_tongue:

UPS Ships MON-FRI i think…

O Ok, Thank you. Boy if I new that I would have went with 2 day. Now I wanted it for Tuesday since Monday night I have a Calculus 2 test. O well now I can study on Tuesday too :smiley: Man, I wish I never took a summer course damn ambition damn you :mad:

Those Xbox adapters are indeed at Wal-Mart. Just look in the peripherals section. $12.44 is their “everyday low price”

Keep your reciept, I bought a brand new one that didn’t work. Took it back, got another one, works fine!!!

R they on the website do you have a link please

will this stick work on xbox with a convertor such as magic box?

I had NCS ship mine via Express mail so I got mine around noon today. Haven’t had a whole lot of time to play around with it but it’s certainly sturdy. As for the actual stick…frankly I can’t tell a lot of difference between it and the better console sticks like the Hori Namco and Tekken 4 sticks, but then again I haven’t had a lot of time to use it like I said. It’s definitely a square guide, which makes sense seeing as how most of the sticks in actual Japanese arcades use square gates and this stick is made for hardcore arcade fighter players. I played around vs the AI in HSF2 on Turbo 3 (good way to test how good a stick is since you have to get those pinch DPs out vs the CPU heh) and those last second DPs did seem to come out a bit easier. Other than that, not much to tell from my end.

Got a camera? Care to take pics of the inside?

Sorry, no digicam. I did open it up to try to see the stick, but the entire internal contents are housed in some plastic enclosure I couldn’t see how to open, so who knows what’s in there. No way to confirm if the stick is a Sanwa or not :mad:

Well, I found this Japanese site that shows the inside of the Real Arcade Pro:

It’s a Sanwa for sure. He thinks the buttons are Seimitsu however.

Top Notch

Mucho gracias.

Just bought it.

I finnally had the chance to buy it today at a gaming store in Hong Kong, for only $60 US ($470 HKD). This stick is so damn badass, the exact feel as the stick at the Japanese arcade cabinets. I can pull off shoryuken’s real easily, half circles and 360’s/720’s are just a piece of cake, great ass stick! I’ve never got the Fighting Stick 2 or any other stick from Hori, but I must say that this one is definetly worth it.

Just bought it.

so the square restrictor doesn’t impede your ability to do half circles and full circles? interesting…

Just do half squares and full squares :lol:

if you have a ps2->xbox converter, can you try it out and see if it works on an xbox?



I don’t really see how it is difficult to do half circles and 360’s on a square restrictor (or whatever it is). Can do Hurricane Upper easily, and some walking SPD’s.

Sorry, I don’t have an Xbox in Hong Kong, I can only try it out when I get back from my vacation. (end of August)

someone please try it and see if it works on the xbox with a converter, i really want this stick but need to know first since my only console system is an xbox.

I am getting mine on Wednesday and I will be trying to use it on my Dreamcast and Xbox.

I’m also not a PSX/PS2 owner but that didn’t stop me from getting it for my other sytems. If it don’t work, make it work:cool: